Felix Austria Tournament
Hosting by TDA

Your personal Vie-Ber

First of all we want to thank you for your interest in and your suggestions for Vie-Ber. There have been a lot of requests concerning the Vie-Ber journey from FAT to WDC, so in order to keep this trip and the planning for it as individual as possible, we decided to provide you with all the informations you need to join our standard-program, and let you book your personal Vie-Ber yourself. The advantage is, that you are completely independent from our Vie-Ber (well, as independent as you want it). You choose, which part of the journey youi'd like to join, and which parts you'd rather skip. The disadvantage is of course, that there is a little work for you to do, but if you follow our instructions, this is done in a couple of minutes.

If you want to discuss and plan with other participants (sharing rooms, cars, whatever), please make use of our board

Remember, the standard program starts in Vienna on Monday, after FAT (the FAT team will care for your transport from the venue to your accomodation in Vienna). We will spend the rest of the day doing some sightseeing. For the night in Vienna, you have to book your accomodation.


Reservation period from Mon July 31st, 2006 to Tue August 1st, 2006.

Our suggestion is "Hotel Porzellaneum", usually a students dormitory, but during summer working as a hostel.
Hotel Porzellaneum, low buget, central, no English HP available at the moment
Better equipped rooms
in the 1st and 2nd floor
Single RoomEUR 22,00EUR 24,00
Double RoomEUR 40,00EUR 42,00
Quad RoomEUR 76,00EUR 78,00
All floors have hallway shower/wc (there is no shower/wc in your room). Mind the check out time is 9:00am, but you can leave your luggage there. If you want to make your reservation, you can do that here

However, this might be not enough comfort for some of you, so there are some other possibilities:

Hotel Pension Franz: old fashioned viennese Hotel, more comfort, central
(please do open the HP with internet explorer)
Room rates per night and per room, including breakfast-buffet, services and taxes
Single room with shower and WCEUR 65
Double room with shower/bath and WCEUR 95
Triple bed room with shower/bath and WCEUR 119
Four bed room with shower/bath and WCEUR 129

Hotel Papageno: very nice unique rooms, comfortable, central, English HP
SingleEUR 78 up to EUR 139
DoubleEUR 89 up to EUR 145

Youth Hostel Wien-Myrthengasse: rather central, low buget

Wherever you spend that night, we suggest that you book without breakfast (if possible), since we are planning to start the Tuesday with a typical Viennese Breakfast at our meeting-point for the next day.

We will spend the whole Tuesday in Vienna, sightseeing, relaxing, a mixture of both, whatever suits you best.

In the evening (11.30 pm), we plan to leave Vienna by train, in order to arrive in Munich the next day (06.21 am).


We would suggest to book yourself a night train ticket from

Tue August 1st, 2006 to Wed August 2nd, 2006
Direct night train from Wien Westbahnhof23:30 (Tue.01.08.2006)
To Munich Hauptbahnhof06:21 (Mi.02.08.2006)
Full price EUR 65
It is also possible to try to get the tickets for EUR 29 for trains during daytime leaving Vienna at

Sad but true you can not book your tickets online
You can call +43 5 1717 and make your reservation with your credit card on the phone and pick up your ticket before leaving Vienna at the station (it works - don't worry!) or send an e-mail to

Once you arrived in Munich, Holger Werner (a player from Munich, you will meet him at FAT) will welcome you, and guide you through this wonderful city. However, in the evening you will need accomodation. And this is, what we suggest for Munich:


Reservation period from Wed August 2nd, 2006 to Thu Aug 3rd, 2006

Hotel Garni Flora Munich, english HP available
Room Typewith private faciliteswith shared facilities
Single room60 EUR45 EUR
Double room80 EUR56 EUR
Triple room96 EUR78 EUR
Quad room104 EUR88 EUR

Hostel in Munich
RoomsPrice per
Person/ Night
from EUR
single, hallway shower/wc (incl. breakfast)39,00
double, shower/wc (incl. breakfast)30,00
triple, shower/wc19,90
double, hallway shower/wc (incl. breakfast)25,00
3,4,5 bed room, hallway shower/wc17,90
dormitory (18 beds)14,90
breakfast buffet3,90

Or look up a convenient hotel for yourself

On Thursday, our trip to Ber more or less comes to an end. You only have to get from Mun to Ber. The WDC opens at 3 pm, dinner is at 6 pm.


How to get from Munich to Berlin?
for international guests:

We would suggest to book yourself a train ticket on Thursday August 3rd, 2006
Direct trains leave Munich for example on
Munich HbfBerlin Hbf
10:46 pm17:04 pmfull price EUR 98
12:46 pm19:04 pmfull price EUR 98
You have to register yourself, then you can book your ticket online with your credit card, you can print yourself your reservation = your ticket, but you have to take your credit card with you. You find all the details for booking on the HP.


The final destination of our journey and of course the place where it reaches it's ultimate climax, the WDC. But not only, Berlin is much morae than just a place where you can play Diplomacy. So there will be a bit of everything on the tournament schedule: sighseeing-events, barbecue, all sorts of games and in the end: Chill out on Sunday.

We hope, this page provides you with all the informations you need to plan your personal Vie-Ber. If you stick to our suggestions, you will be going with the flock. If you have more individual plans, feel free to contact us for some assistance.